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Little Scribblers Art Club, LLC is committed to the following:
Environmental Care

We have gone out of our way to find materials that have little to no environmental impact.

Right from the start you will know which products are made from recycled materials, recyclable materials, reusable materials, and even compostable materials. We avoid plastics and foams as much as possible because of the higher environmental toll they take.  When we can source our products closer to home, we do; knowing that transporting and importing make a global impact. Our facility is wind-powered as is our web hosting service.

Community Care

We support a living wage for our employees, anti-slavery initiatives in our supply lines, and job opportunities in our company for people with otherwise limited opportunities. We also donate to local charities that support children.

As our business grows, these factors are highly valued at Little Scribblers Art Club, LLC. When you support Little Scribblers Art Club, you support these important social concerns.

Customer Care

Customers are important to any company, but we want to go the extra mile for caretakers involved in the lives of Little Scribblers.

We have taken the time to: research materials and projects that are developmentally appropriate, include only non-toxic supplies, and make you aware of any possible hazards that could arise with this specific age and developmental level. We believe it is absolutely possible for toddlers, twos, and children with special needs to create art with the support and supervision of a fully informed adult.

Not only do we adore stories and pictures of your Little Scribblers enjoying our products and being creative, we also appreciate the connections you make with us online. Feel free to connect with us on anything you and your Little Scribbler are going through (potty training, food, special needs, etc.). We may have a blog entry or Pinterest pin about the topic, or it may inspire us to find out more!

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