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Little Scribblers Art Club Blog

We want to give you as much information, support, and new ideas as we can. Check out our blog for topics related to the art process, art supplies, art experiences, discipline support, child development, rainy day activities, clean-up tips, and much more!

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We promise not to bombard your Facebook feed...there's enough to keep up with on there just with friends and family. We would, however, love to hear from you and see pictures of you and your Little Scribblers doing art! Tag us!


Little Scribblers Pinterest Page

We love this venue for gathering other ideas from the true experts out there: caretakers the world over who are willing to share over the Internet. You do need to have a Pinterest account to access this page. We have organized our boards to coordinate with both Year I and Year II experiences.

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Keep an eye out for special deals, adorable photos, hints and tips, and information about what's going on at Little Scribblers Headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon.


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