Little Scribblers is now open for Spring orders! 6-month subscriptions are not available at this time, sorry for the inconvenience. Year 1 orders are always open!

**Scroll down for a description of skills needed or developed in each year.

Year 1 Little Scribblers Art Club Subscription 


For one- and two-year-olds (and children with special needs at this level of development).One month of free exploration of crayons, colored pencils, markers and fingerpaint, and 11 months of guided art experiences around the colors red, blue, green, orange, purple, yellow, brown, pink, black, white, and multi-colored art. Four guided art projects per month, not including the first month of exploration. Give your Little Scribbler a chance to develop fine motor skills, language, problem-solving skills, and self expression (to name a few)! 

$180/year (shipping & handling included) 

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Year 2 Little Scribblers Art Club Subscription


For 2- through 4-year-olds (and children with special needs at this level of development). Each month's art experiences are focused on a different category of a child's surroundings: the body, food, animals, nature, night & day, colors, shapes, ABCs & 123s, and the four seasons. The different bundles also feature a focus on a particular art medium (stamp pads, finger paints, or paint pots). Four guided craft projects each month. More of this year's crafts are also connected to learning opportunities, giving you and your Little Scribbler a chance to create some Craftivities.



Includes Winter, My Body, and Shapes crafts. Focus art medium is stamp pads. Open for orders November-January.

$75/ 3 months
$108/ 6 months (including the Spring bundle)





Includes Spring, Animals, and Nature crafts. Focus art medium is finger paints. Open for orders February-April.
$75/ 3 months



Includes crafts for Summer, Colors, and ABCs & 123s. Focus art medium is paint pots. Open for orders May-July.

$75/ 3 months
Currently in development




Includes Fall, Food, and Day & Night crafts. Focus art medium is finger paints. Open for orders August-October.

$75/ 3 months
$108/ 6 months
(including the Winter bundle)
Currently in development


Which Little Scribblers Art Club subscription is best for you?

If your Little Scribbler is still developing skills and concepts from the Year I list, you will want to subscribe to Year I below. If those skills have been largely mastered, consider one of the options from Year II. Year II crafts begin to involve cutting and gluing that involve the Little Scribbler, so some fine motor skills should already be developed.

Year 1:

This kit focuses on experiences that would be typical of the following developmental patterns (these closely align with 12-24 month traits):

ü     Holding things with the palm and thumb: the pincer grasp

ü     A willingness to experiment

ü     Holding crayons with fists

ü     Scribbling on paper

ü     Painting with whole arm

ü     Fingerpainting

ü     Stamping

ü     Tearing

ü     Crumpling

ü     Stringing (16-20 mos.)

ü     Drawing vertical and horizontal lines

ü     Circular scribbles (closer to 2 years)

ü     Copying an adult's movements at his or her level

ü     Following one-step directions given to him or her


Year 2:

This kit focuses on experiences that would be typical of the following developmental patterns (these closely align with 24-36 month traits):

ü     A more deliberate and directed scribble

ü     Drawing circles

ü     Snipping with scissors

ü     Stringing large beads, colored pasta, cereal, etc.

ü     Holding a crayon with thumb and finger: the tripod grip

ü     Using one hand consistently

ü     Painting with wrist action

ü     Rolling, pounding, squeezing and pulling clay

ü     Cutting along a line

ü     Writing an approximation of the first letter of name

ü     Copying an adult’s movements 

ü     Following multi-step directions given to him or her



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