Little Scribblers is now open for Spring orders! 6-month subscriptions are not available at this time, sorry for the inconvenience. Year 1 orders are always open!
 Year 1 - Colors
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How does Little Scribblers Art Club work?
     Each order for Little Scribblers Art Club is for a year-long, 6-month, or 3-month subscription of developmentally designed art experiences. Each month you will receive everything you need to do four crafts with your Little Scribbler. Right away you will receive a box of supplies (such as those seen in the Year 1 example) to be used throughout the subscription period. During that first month of a Year 1 subscription, we encourage you to explore your new art supplies with your Little Scribbler with some “free art” time. Our blog and Pinterest page may give you some inspiration. For Year 2 subscribers, that box will also contain your first four projects related to the season of the year. Each month thereafter, you will receive an envelope addressed to your Little Scribbler with full instructions and the papers, stickers, yarn and all other flat craft supplies you will need for four fun-filled art experiences. Below are examples of the types of crafts you can expect from Little Scribblers Art Club.

~Little Scribblers Art Club Craft Categories~

True Scribble

(Click here for an example photo)

These art experiences are really intended for developing and practicing scribbling. Little Scribblers will begin holding crayons with their whole fist and will eventually develop more of a pencil grasp called the tripod grip. This develops pre-writing skills they will need a few years from now. They will also experiment with pressure and observe cause and effect while they are scribbling. As they develop over the year, Little Scribblers may be scribbling more deliberately and can follow directions, make vertical and horizontal lines, and even begin circular scribbles.

Art Base

(Click here for an example photo)

This art becomes the base for other projects and offers another chance for Little Scribblers to experiment with different mediums and techniques, sometimes without an end product in mind. This art can be used as wrapping paper, card decorations, origami paper, scrapbooking backgrounds, etc.  We include suggestions to help you upcycle every bit of scribbling and stamping your Little Scribbler produces!

Art Décor

(Click here for an example photo)

These crafts are meant to have a more finished look that will decorate a window, wall, or refrigerator well. They are more guided than our other projects and make great gifts to other important people in your Little Scribbler’s life.

Art Scene

These projects generally have some kind of scribbled or fingerpainted background along with stickers or artwork in the foreground to create a thematic scene. (See our blog post with examples!)

Art Toy

(Click here for an example photo)

These projects are intended to be used as a toy when they are finished and require more adult assistance than other categories.


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